Izakaya party at Chitose Karasuyama
I had a drinking party at an Izakaya in Chitose-Karasuyama with some foreign friends and Japanese guys.
Since Ms. Gorden left former high school and moved to a high level high school, so we had been planning her farewell party.
And she was exhausted at the new high school as she has been working 12 hours a day. The students have higher ability than former schools' students. And school demends her very high quality English. The students have to take the TOEFL test.

So she has gotten a very huge mental strain. And she wanted to escape from this stressful life.
Thus we gathered at an Izakaya and enjoyed talking a stupid Japanese educational system and drunk too much.
I took a photo of her and Chris an alternative teacher of her.
Totally 16 persons gathered and had a funny time.
Two American men and one American woman and one New Zealander man and one Singaporean woman and two Japanese men and six Japanese women and three Japanese girl students painted the town red.

What we do in common was just speaking English.

Kana & Chris


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