American joke - 彼女のオヤジは行き付け薬局の薬剤師!?
A young man walks into a drugstore and goes up to the counter. "I'd like a dozen condoms," he proudly announces to the pharmacist. "I've been going out with thie really hot babe. We've fooled around a lot, but we haven't actually gone all the way yet. But I think that tonight is going to be the night. I've got her really hot for me now." With that, the young man pays the druggist and swaggers out of the store.

That night the young man arrives at his girlfriend's house to take her out. She meets him outside on the front porch and says, "Since you've never met my parents, they invited you to come in and have dinner with us. After dinner we can tell them that we're going to the movies or something, so that we can get off to spend some time alone." She gives him a wink and leads him into the house.

The family is already seated at the dinner table, and after the introductions are made, they sit down. The young man says to the family, "Would you mind if I say grace tonight?"

The mother says, "Why, I think that would be a lovely idea."

They all bow their heads, and the young man prays,
"Dear Lord, we ask that you bless this food, and that you may always keep us aware of the sprit of forgiveness that was so important in the teachings of Christ. Let us always remember His words, 'To err is human, but to forgive is divine. 'In Jesus' name we pray, Amen."

"That was very nice," says the mother, and the family begins to eat. The girl leans over to the young man and whispers, "You didn't tell me that you're so religious."

The young man whispers back to her, "You didn't tell me that your father is a pharmacist."



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