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Approximately 4,200 pears were stolen from an orchard in Oita Prefecture.
A horse belonging to a Russian circus escaped on to the streets of Nagoya. The horse's trainer, chasing by bicycle, later recaptured the animal.
An airport in Hokkaido was closed after a middle-aged woman drove into the compound via a cargo entrance and motored along the runaway.
A drunken salalyman died after falling off the platform at Ginza station unto the path of a Marunouchi line train headed for Ikebukuro.
Separately, the Ginza line was shut down after smoke from a nearby earthquake drill drifted into the tunnel.
The Construction Ministry announced that 45 percent of buildings vital to the running of the government after a major earthquake aren't strong enough to withstand such a temblor.

approximate:an approximate number, amount, or time is close to the exact number, amount etc, but could be a little bit more or less than it [= rough; ≠ exact]:
compound:an area that contains a group of buildings and is surrounded by a fence or wall:
vital:extremely important and necessary for something to succeed or exist [= crucial]
withstand:to be strong enough to remain unharmed by something such as great heat, cold, pressure etc [= resist, stand up to]:
temblor:(formal)an earthquake



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