今週のお役立ち表現 - №6

I'd love to... :(ぜひ)...したい
make a bet on... :...に関して賭けをする
buy lunch:昼ごはんをおごる

Pasta tastes better with garlic.:パスタはニンニクを加えると美味しい
My sister had a girl.:姉は女の子を産みました。

present season:今シーズン

1. A: First, let me ( ) that one of the failures in your department is personnel management.
B: We all know that. I think we need a new manager.
a) point out, b) shell out, c) pin down, d) let down

2. A: It's stifling in here. Is something wrong with ventilation in the office ?
B: We've just called ( ) to look into the problem.
a) security, b) maintenance, c) defense, d) surveillance

3. A: Did you find out how much we spend on communications monthly ?
B: Not quite. I can only give you a ( ) figure at the moment.
a) hard, b) range, c) dressed, d) ballpark

4. A: Off the record, it has been decided to suspend the whole project.
B: Oh, no! I've worked my ( ) off to put it into practice.
a) head, b) neck, c) tail, d) brain

5. A: Jim treated me to a nice dinner last night.
B: Amazing! That's onece in a blue ( ). He's usually tight with money.
a) rose, b) note, c) streak, d) moon




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