今週のお役立ち表現 - №5

it's really sweet: それってとっても素敵、気持ちよい
why don't you ・・・?: ・・・したらどう?

1. Many fear the languid economy and rampant ( ) among corporations will decelerate the already-delayed broadband lines and hamper development of new programming and applications.
A. cutting-edge, B. well-being, C. belt-tightening, D. on-going

2. ABC Inc. is having a ( ) sale, and almost nobody has come. The Internet retailer filed for Chapter 11 bankraptcy in July and has slowly been selling off assets.
A. fire, B. blood, C. pep, D. gross

3. Independent shops often find it harder than the large advertising agencies to attract new clients during the economy slumps, partly because marketers spend less on TV and more on direct or guerrilla marketing. Often clients want a multitude of services under one ( ), marketing it more difficult for independents to compete.
A. blanket, B. roof, C. canopy, D. tent

4. If you are directly billed, in the event payment is not made within 25 days after check-out, you will owe us interest from the check-out date on any unpaid amount at the rate of 1.5% per month, or the maximum allowed by law plus the reasonable cost of ( ), including attorney fees.
A. elongation, B. evasion, C. complication, D. collection

5. The terms includes limits on liability for baggage, including fragile or perishable goods, and the availability of excess valuation ( ). Baggage liability is limited to US$2,500 per fare-paying customer unless you purchase excess valuation liability.
A. policy, B. premium, C. coverage, D. inspection


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