ビジネス英語から、お役立ち表現 - №1

1. A Washington, D.C. hotelier is about to launch a new venture that would ( ) meetings and events around the globe via satellite and other means.
A. convey, B. channel, C. transmit, D. trade

2. In the past, the company's sales people ( ) sales reports and customer feedback via fax, requiring secretaries at the head office to type the information into a company database. It was a time-consuming process prone to errors and delays.
A. frequented, B. retrieved, C. extended, D. submitted

3. D Bank has one of the world's most famous corporate art collections, with more than 48,000 works of which some 2,500 are exhibited in London. It recently ( ) a joint venture with the G Foundation to open D-G Berlin in its offices there.
A. tucked in, B. set up, C. popped up, D. put on

4. In the States, amid a cinema business ( ) caused by a glut of screens nationwide, movie theaters are starting to disappear quickly. They are being reincarnated as restaurants, offices, nightclubs and even churches.
A. rundown, B. meltdown, C. holdup, D. kickoff

5. Although every advertisement is carefully checked, occasionally mistakes occur. We therefore ask advertisers to assist us by checking their advertisements carefully and ( ) us immediately should an error occur.
A. applying, B. advising, C. filing, D. coaching



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