From business English - Part 2
be on one's toes: to keep that that someone is ready for anything that might happen
back-to-back: one after the other
drive someone nuts: make someone crazy
chomp dpwn: to bite food loudly
stockbroker: someone whose job is to buy and sel stocks, bonds etc. for other people
nerve-racking(nerve-wracking): a nerve-racking situation makes you feel very nervous or worried:
get a kick out of: to enjoy doing something very much
frantic: extremely hurried and using a lot of energy, but not very organized
power breakfast: a meeting of influential people to conduct business while eating breakfast
laid-down: relaxed
tuck away: eat up; usually refers to a considerable quantity of food; "My son tucked in a whole pizza"

Hope for the best. Expect the worst. Life is a play. We're un-rehearsed. - Mel Brooks (U.S. film maker, comedian, 1926 -)



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